Editorial Internship


Progressive Business Publications has sustained continued growth as one of the nation’s leading B2B (business-to-business) diversified business information providers with 10 divisions. Our collaborative annual program for Summer Interns is a valuable and engaging experience; the intern works in a collegial office setting, side-by-side with Editorial professionals who train them in all aspects of producing market-quality publications and online Editorial content. Virtually all material written by our Interns is published – a great way to build a portfolio of work. For some it proves to be a job opportunity after graduation.


Internship Experience: PBP’s medium-sized business atmosphere and strong empowerment culture gives our editorial interns an opportunity to be actively involved hands-on in a wide range of areas including:

  • Writing with clarity and to specific markets
  • Web-based and market research
  • Interviewing with a purpose
  • Proofreading
  • Using the latest publishing-industry software
  • Accuracy and meeting deadlines


Editorial interns gain a strong understanding of good business practices by actively participating in the process. This is real future-building experience, not the menial tasks that interns are often asked to do.


Key Responsibilities: Here is some of the exciting and valuable work our editorial interns will be trained to do:

  • Headline/Story Angling: This essential Editorial function involves talking directly with a wide variety of business professionals to learn what sorts of headlines spur them to want to read the stories we produce, and how they would like to have that information presented to them. Skills: interviewing and market understanding.
  • Writing News Shorts: These crisp, focused features appear in all PBP newsletters. The task requires researching the Web and other sources for newsy items that can be rewritten and tailored to fit our publications. Skills: research, writing, editing and market focus.
  • Writing Scenario Responses: Many PBP publications have a “Scenario” feature where a business problem is posed by one of our writers, and real-life practitioners are contacted and asked to offer a solution to the challenge. Skills: writing, interviewing and editing.
  • Writing Lighter Sides: These are other highly regarded editorial features in many PBP publications. It involves finding a newsy or interesting item, suited to a specific publication in a specific market and transforming it into a short, humorous tale. Skills: research, writing, creative writing and editing.
  • Online Content: PBP Media, as well as other business units, require a steady stream of vibrant, accurate editorial content. Interns will be trained to produce the types of stories and copy these endeavors require to continue to be successful.
  • Product Meeting Interviews: Once a year, every PBP publication is assessed to determine how well it fits the needs of the subscribers who buy it. Interns would be involved in this essential function by conducting 15 to 20-minute interviews with subscribers.
  • Cross-Training in Marketing, Production and Fulfillment: There’s a lot more that goes into a professional newsletter than what meets the eye. Interns get a behind-the-scenes look at the other crucial elements needed to produce a successful newsletter in today’s competitive marketplace.


Who should apply: Motivated students entering their senior year or those who will soon be completing their 4-year degree. We seek candidates who are interested in a career in writing and desire a unique opportunity for a full-time, top-quality paid summer internship. Our select interns get involved in many key aspects of our business – they are empowered and doing, not just observing. You’ll work side-by-side with Editorial professionals whose work impacts multiple PBP business divisions. You’ll identify cutting-edge information needs for different executive audiences as you learn the skills to thrive in a high-performance, results-driven company.


Key Skills/Requirements for the position include:

  • Solid command of the English language.
  • Good writing skills, with a desire to learn more.
  • Strong telephone skills.
  • Ability to interview a variety of people and derive information from them.
  • Interpersonal skills, with the ability to learn to communicate with and relate to all levels within and outside the organization.
  • Good market research skills.
  • Strong computer skills, aptitude and interests including MS-Office; Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Knowledge of WordPress preferred.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Focus and enthusiasm, with a strong desire to succeed.
  • Strong academic record.


To Apply:

Please email your cover letter, writing samples and resume to InternED@PBP.com

If you are studying or working overseas we are happy to arrange a phone interview.


For writing samples, we are looking for current pieces (the past year or so) and those that would be similar to the position – short reads (2-3 pages max), news stories, press releases, etc. Published pieces are preferred.