Twitter Contest Summer 2015

PBP Interns 2015 are bringing back last year’s Twitter contest!

Phoebe the bear is back, and we’ve added a new weekly twist. The prize is a $25 Wegmans gift card at the end of the summer! Check out the following guidelines below in order to find out how you can maximize your points:

Twitter Hashtag Schedule (Follow us @PBPInterns):

Weekly Contest: #whatsinthekitchen
What: Keep an eye out on the kitchens for what the contest of the week will be!
You: Can be the first to tweet us the answer to win the weekly contest! 3 points

Monday: #mancrushmonday #WOmancrushmonday
What: PBP Interns will feature a PBP employee each week; who will be the next crush?
You: Can tweet us nominations throughout the week for who you think the next featured employee should be! 1 point

Tuesday: #tiptuesday
What: A useful lifehack for the week, or tips to make all of our lives easier
You: Can tweet us a picture of yourself putting our tip into practice! Let’s see how useful these lifehacks are. 1 point

Wednesday: #whereisitwednesday
What: We heard this was everyone’s favorite last year, and Phoebe the bear is back! What new places will she pop up in this year?
You: Can be the first person on Wednesdays to find Phoebe the bear and tweet us a picture of you with her! 2 points

Thursday: #throughthebuildingthursday
What: Do you really know the building as well as you think you do? Figure out the location of the mysterious picture that will contain a clue.
You: Can be the first person to figure out the place the picture was taken in and tweet us the answer! 2 points

Friday: #fashionfriday
What: How do PBP employees take advantage of dressing down on Friday? Keep an eye out for pictures of the employees that impressed us the most with their runway-worthy outfits throughout the day.
You: Can tweet us pictures of employees’ outfits that grabbed your attention, and we’ll re-tweet them! 1 point (and if your outfit gets tweeted, 3 points!)

We encourage everyone to participate in these hashtags! If you don’t have a Twitter, hurry and make an account so that you can be in the running for a $25 Wegmans gift card. If you miss out on the hashtags one week, no worries! You can catch up on your points by interacting with our tweets (replying, re-tweeting, and favoriting each worth .5 point).

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