Traditions: Life advice with cookies on the side


This week the eight of us got the chance to meet some top execs in the company. CEO John Benbrook and COO & CFO Tom Schubert joined us for lunch at our weekly Traditions class.

After rushing to grab sandwiches and salad, we all sat around the boardroom table ready to share about ourselves.

John Benbrook and Tom Schubert both shared their entire careers – from college to PBP – and we got the chance to ask them any questions we wanted.

They talked about the biggest challenges they face working in the company, their affinity for soccer and basketball, and also their biggest joys in life. One thing they both expressed was that they love working with the great people here at PBP.

We appreciated the casual atmosphere of the lunch and the fact that both the CEO and CFO were very open and receptive to us. We’ve found that at PBP, people don’t need to put on a facade, they are themselves.

So what were the main take-aways from the day? Besides stealing a mountain of cookies for our department, we all received great, useful words of wisdom from both execs. Here’s some advice that resonated with us:

  • Don’t miss out on opportunities. You never know what direction life is going to take you and you want to live it without any regrets.
  • Focus early in life. You’re never too young to start making a plan and taking initiative. Your choices are up to you and it’s never too early to get a head start on where you want end up.
  • Strive for excellence, not perfection. Try to be great! But if you try to be perfect, you’ll always fail and be unhappy.
  • Define what makes you happy. Happiness is extremely important, and you should define what makes you happy so that you can strive for the things that you enjoy.
  • Enjoy life’s journey. There are so many great stages in life. Embrace them as they come and try to stay positive through life’s trials.

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