Know Your Strengths


Last week Nicole Riegl, John Falcetta and the eight of us played Pictionary, made fun of Anthony Panvini’s signature and founded an even better Starbucks in less than two hours.

Just kidding, sort of.

What we did do was share our top five strengths using Tom Rath’s #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Strengths Finder. Similar to Swift’s line of thinking, the book and quiz argue that focusing on what you naturally excel in is more productive than dwelling on skills requiring improvement. In other words, you wouldn’t put your best pitcher out in left field the same way you wouldn’t put an editor in IT because they need to polish their tech skills.

Instead, we play with the skills we’ve naturally been gifted and work at them everyday.

And then we form a team with others who have complimentary strengths.

 So here are PBP’s 2015 Interns Top Strengths –  

Drum Roll…. 

Amanda: 1. achiever 2. learner 3. relator 4. futuristic 5. maximizer

Anthony: 1. competition 2. adaptability 3. focus 4. includer 5.self-assurance

Caroline: 1. woo 2. ideation 3. adaptability 4. input 5. strategic

Christina: 1. includer 2. futuristic 3. positivity 4. strategic 5. achiever

Eugena: 1. responsibility 2. belief 3. relator 4. intellection 5. individualization

Jake: 1. achiever 2. analytical 3. context 4. harmony 5. learner

Kevin: 1. achiever 2. futuristic 3. postivity 4. focus 5. strategic

Paige: 1. achiever 2. activator 3. competition 4. maximizer 5. futuristic

Share/comment your strengths with us!