Interviewing From 3,202 Miles Away


Ever since day one in college every single person I spoke to always said: “Go abroad, it’s a great experience!”

During your 4 years there are so many opportunities available to you. I tried my best to take advantage of every opportunity I possibly could. I even took summer and winter break classes in an effort to fulfill all my required courses so I could go abroad and obtain that “great experience” everyone was talking about.

Before I left to go abroad during the spring semester of my junior year I knew I wanted an internship when I returned for the summer. I thought that given everything is online it would be easy to find internships, apply to them and get a great opportunity when I return.

Little did I know the challenge I would soon face.

While I was abroad, I continued to check my college email from back home. I continued to receive emails from the career services office at my school. They sent alerts of internships that they found. I was interested in one of them so I emailed my resume to them and received an email saying that there would be interviews on campus the following week. Obviously, that wasn’t going to work for me since I was in another country.  I emailed them back telling them about my interest in the opportunity and that I was willing to do a Skype or phone interview because of the fact I was in another country getting the “great experience” everyone was telling me about.

That didn’t fly. They said they would only be doing in-person interviews.

I reflected on this experience and realized that this may reveal the type of company they are. Would I want to work at a company that isn’t willing to make use of current technology and make an exception for me since I was doing what everyone was telling me was a “great experience”? I never would have thought going abroad would hinder me in my internship search.

A Little Advice for Future Interns

When searching for an internship, take every hurdle as a lesson and move on.

I continued to persistently search for an internship, worked with the career services department and found Progressive Business Publications. I had a phone interview with Progressive Business Publications and couldn’t be happier with the internship, the interviewing experience, and their willingness to be flexible.