Throwback Thursday: These four PBP employees were once interns here

As our summer internships only have a few weeks left, I thought it would be interesting to get some insight from four past PBP interns that continued working at PBP full-time once their internships ended.


2013 Interns featuring Mike and Pat

Summer 2013 Interns featuring Mike and Pat

(From l-r): Chris, Kal, Emily, Ashley, Julia, Meredith, Ed, and Alex.

Summer 2014 Interns featuring Ashley and Julia


ashley head shotAshley Zawistowski was an Editorial intern last summer and continued working in the Editorial department full-time in August. Prior to her professional life, she was a competitive gymnast where she accidentally found out she has four extra bones in her body! After getting X-rays for her various gymnast injuries, she was told that she has one extra vertebra, two extra ribs and an extra bone in her foot.

julia head shotJulia Scavicchio was also an Editorial intern last summer and began her career at PBP soon after her internship was over. Unlike Ashley, Julia switched departments and now works in the Media division using her writing skills as a Digital Content Specialist. During her time in college, she developed her leadership skills as a Varsity Coxswain.


4Mike Elisio is a Product Marketer who interned with PBP during the 2013 summer in the Executive Education department. He began his full-time position in June of last year after his graduation from Gettysburg College. Mike once used the Heimlich on his friend’s brother when he was choking. (If I ever start choking while eating my lunch, I now know who to run to!)

patPat Schober is another past Editorial intern who now works in Editorial full-time. He was an intern during the 2013 summer with Mike and started his Editorial job in January of 2014. He continues writing in his free time and has written a couple of novels. However, he ran out of steam on both of them, so neither of the novels has made it to a second draft.


Post-intern & Post-hired Reflections

I was able to get answers from Ashley, Julia, Mike and Pat on four questions that may help us current interns and any future PBP interns. Read below to find out what they enjoyed about their internships and how it prepared them for their job now, as well as why they decided to work at PBP full-time. They also gave advice for the current and future PBP interns!


1) What was your favorite part about your internship?

Ashley: “I enjoyed learning about the different newsletters and having the opportunity to work on several before my internship ended. I also loved the intern group I got to know and work with throughout the summer!”

Julia: My favorite part of the internship was learning about all the different publications. The experience greatly influenced my writing style.”

Mike: Working hands-on preparing presentation materials for the sales team.”

Pat: My favorite part of the internship was all the stuff I learned. Getting moved from publication to publication every few weeks exposed me to areas of business I would otherwise know nothing about.”


2) Why did you decide to work at PBP full time?

Ashley: “Having a job fresh out of college isn’t something every recent grad can say, so I wasn’t about to let this job offer go! I really enjoyed my experience as an intern, so that played a big role in my decision to stick around full-time.”

Julia: The position offered to me by Media opened the door to a career path. My research and writing is unique to any other publication on the web, and I’ve developed an expertise thanks to this opportunity. The work is challenging, but I derive a lot value from being a Digital Content Specialist.”

Mike: I liked the atmosphere and it was close enough to commute.”

Pat: I like the people here and the challenges that come with writing business newsletters.”


3) How did your internship prepare you for your job now?

Ashley: Editorial interns really do exactly what new-hires in the department do, so the transition was seamless. The only real difference was that once I was hired I was assigned to one specific pub, rather than rotating. Other than that, learning about PBP’s style and the different features in each newsletter helped ensure I was prepared.”

Julia: Editorial provides awesome training, and Media is quickly expanding. The two combined has helped me maximize my potential.”

Mike: It gave me a better sense of what the environment is like in the professional world.”

Pat: Well, it taught me the PBP style, so it was a relatively easy transition going from intern to employee. Plus, a couple publications I worked on as an intern I ended up working on as a full-time. And when I got here, I already knew all my co-workers, so that was nice!”


4) Do you have any advice for this year’s interns or future PBP interns?

Ashley: “My biggest piece of advice is to ask for more work! When you have downtime, don’t be afraid to say so. At the end of the day, this internship is what you make it. Challenge yourself by asking if there are other tasks you can learn or other aspects of employees’ daily routines you can take part in.”

Julia: Enjoy the summer and keep up with your LinkedIn profile.”

Mike: Actively look for things to do and help with. It’s more engaging and you won’t get bored. Plus it helps set you apart from other candidates for full-time positions.”

Pat: Get involved as much as you can, and ask a lot of questions. PBP has a lot of great talent, and you can learn a lot from the people around you.”