Managers Are Heroes

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One of the newer business units at PBP that has thrived since it’s 2012 launch is the Managers Are Heroes web training. Headed by Mike Brown and Jess Midwood, the Managers Are Heroes platform gives a strong purpose to managers of all kinds. This innovative brand includes a unique superhero theme that attracts customers aiming to improve their manager superpowers. The mission is straightforward: Learn how to be a more effective manager!

The program offers three types of training. 1. Core Hero Events, 2. Elective Courses, and 3. the Certificate Program. The Core Hero events combine 4 different manager training courses and one elective course which allows for optimal management hero training. The Elective Courses offer ways for managers to reach their potential and to find topics they are more interested in. These 60 minute webinars give great strategies to help develop managers and even include printable notes for additional learning! The final aspect of Managers Are Heroes is the Certificate Program also called “earning your C.A.P.E”. C.A.P.E.’s are earned through high-quality web training led by expert mission advisors who guide managers to become heroes!

One of my projects as a Progressive Business Publications intern was managing the Managers Are Heroes Twitter and creating a Managers Are Heroes Facebook page! Please go follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Over the summer the Managers Are Heroes Twitter made great progress. It gained 1,500 followers and at one point reached an engagement rate of 3% through continuous content that drove customers to our Managers Are Heroes website.

Managers Are Heroes is one of the shining stars of the Executive Education division here at PBP. I am sad to have to let go of my Managers Are Heroes duties but I will always have my cape to remind me of my great internship here at PBP!

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