Jumping Right In

2Granada, Spain is where I lived from January to the end of May.  I sent my job application to Progressive Business Publications from there. I conducted two interviews from there and another from Barcelona.  I worried about summer job offers while in Granada.  My worrying finally ended when I found out I got the internship at Progressive Business Publications.  So by mid-April I knew what I was going to be doing during the summer when I got back to the States.  I was sad to leave southern Spain but now I had something to look forward to, something I had never done, a marketing internship.  So eventually I boarded the plane thinking about how I was going to be starting my summer job almost as soon as I got back.  I was excited and a little nervous too.  Who wouldn’t be?

Forty-eight hours later; after twenty four hours of traveling, a long delay in Chicago, and my first thirty hour day ever, I walked in the front door of Progressive Business Publications.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was nervous.  I gave my name to the secretary and sat down.  After two or three minutes my soon to be boss, Pete, saw me waiting and pulled me into my cubicle.  He gave me a quick rundown of what I would be doing and all of a sudden I had a full schedule of meetings, training sessions, and reports due.  I thought to myself “Sheesh, that was fast”, and soon after meeting everyone in Product Marketing, I jumped right in.

Due to the fact that I was in Spain, I started a week or two after the rest of the interns.  I met them my first day at lunch, and since then, every lunch we go and sit at the tables outside.  I guess we’re the “intern crew” and almost always eat lunch together.  Most of the time we tell jokes and stories, talk about what we did that morning, or what our plans are for the weekend.

A few weeks after my start day, I’ve settled in with the Product Marketing team, the other interns, and daily life working at PBP.  I’ve learned an enormous amount about marketing and I can’t wait to share it in my next post!

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