Twitter Contest Update

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With this week marking roughly the halfway point of our internships, we first want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated in the contests on Twitter and would encourage even more people to participate in the coming weeks. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like your twitter will be on private and we won’t see your tweet and you’ll get ripped off with points (once again, sorry Stephanie!)

We know these contests are the first thing you guys think of when you wake up in the morning so we thought it would be a good idea to give you an insight into the contest and give you that extra boost of confidence before you set up the grill for some serious BBQ’n this weekend.

Stephanie Reid – 7 pts.

Beth Novick – 5 pts.

Tyrone Pernsley – 4 pts.

Joshua Cole – 3.5 pts.

Julia Scavicchio – 3.5 pts.

Nicole Reigl – 3.5 pts.

Jim Murphy – 2 pts.

Kate McNally – 2 pts.

Patrick Schober – 2 pts.

John Benbrook – 1.5 pts.

Wannetta Turner – 1.5 pts.

Samantha Schwartz – 1 pt.

Glenn Junker – 0.5 pt.

Jim Murphy – 0.5 pt.

Kim Gentile – 0.5 pt.

Yvette Miller – 0.5 pt.


Please note that these points are correct as of Wednesday July 1. They do not include the contest winner for the week of 6/29.

Once again thank you for participating and have a safe and happy holiday! We look forward to continuing the contests after the holiday (:

Softball and Such: Life Outside of Work

Although it is possible to believe PBP employees work day and night to create our high quality products and services, we’re not at the grindstone all of the time.  PBPers find many different ways to relax, blow off some steam, and to lighten their moods.  After only a few weeks with the company, I can see that employees here have an excellent work-life balance and know when and how to cut loose.  An excellent example of this is the company softball team.  Progressive Biz plays in the Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League (GVCCSL) in the East Division, which is the most competitive one.  The season consists of 14 regular season games (about one a week) and then playoffs.  After playing only a few games, it is evident that the team has great chemistry and cohesiveness.


You will see many people walking and jogging in and outside of the office.  The joggers usually head out after work and take laps around the corporate center and sometimes venture as far as the trails by Vanguard.   During the day (at lunch or if employees are feeling groggy), people will walk laps around the outside of our building or inside the numerous hallways in our facility.  Sage holds the company record for the fastest lap recorded around the perimeter of the building.  Rumor has it that he completed his lap while making a balloon animal.

During lunchtime, employees have a variety of options to choose from in terms of what they do.  Like I mentioned previously, some people choose to walk around the office.  Others looking for some exercise head over to our gym.  There are several pieces of equipment, including a rowing machine, a home gym machine, a stair master, an elliptical machine, and some bikes.

photo (2)

Honestly, the best way to enjoy yourself around the office is to spark up a conversation with one of the employees.  All come from different backgrounds have entertaining stories to share.  Taking a few minutes out of your day to get to know one of your coworkers not only brightens your mood, but also is the first step in creating a meaningful friendship.

That’s all for now, but I’ll post again soon! In the meantime, be sure to follow @PBPInterns for chances to win a gift card!

How to succeed in business: The show and my take-away


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Main backdrop for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

My eyes shot open at the sound of my alarm! The day had finally come!

Typically, my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and I roll out of bed groggy, going through the motions half asleep until I find myself sitting at my desk at PBP. Last Thursday was completely different. July 3rd could not come soon enough, so when it finally did I jumped out of bed and got moving.

While I was looking forward to spending the holiday weekend with friends and family, that wasn’t the sole reason for my antsy behavior. I was also eager to take advantage of another great opportunity that PBP offered to all of its employees.

During my second week of work, I received an email about free tickets to a show at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, and it wasn’t just any show. I had wanted to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for a while – partially because Nick Jonas had once played the lead role.


Poster from Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia

Before I knew it, I was in the fourth row waiting anxiously for the show to begin. When it did, I sat wide-eyed and in awe of the talent and energy on stage.

The room filled with laughter every time the main character celebrated his devious victory with an innocent smile at the audience, and a standing ovation was necessary as the show concluded.

It was a great way to end the first half of my internship and begin the second half, because it lit a fire in me to continue working hard. It’s true the main character made it to the top without actually doing any work, but he did have endurance and a positive attitude. Mix those two qualities with a little elbow grease, and that can lead to success – in business or anything else.

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Starting off at PBP


One Cook-Wissahickon student hurries to join the volleyball game.

Tuesday, June 10th was my first day at PBP, and I felt a mix of emotions – excited, tired, and nervous – to name a few.  I was excited to finally be at PBP, tired from having to wake up earlier than I had for the past four years, and nervous because I was the last intern to start. Immediately, I was welcomed by everyone on staff and it felt like I had been an intern for weeks. I knew I would start writing immediately, but I had no idea I would have the opportunity to take part  in one of PBP’s philanthropy events during my first week!

On my very first Friday, PBP had planned a Mentor Picnic at Battle of the Clouds Park in Phoenixville. I had a few emails describing the event, but I didn’t really know what it was all about. So, a few of the other interns and I decided to check it out.

We left the office around 11 a.m. and headed over to the park. When we got there, a group of students from Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School were gathered at picnic tables along with many of PBP’s employees. After talking with a few different people, we learned the employees had been mentors throughout the year, and the picnic was an end-of- year celebration.


Students play a game of wiffle ball before lunch.

Throughout the afternoon, students spent time with their mentors playing volleyball, football, soccer and running around on the park’s playground. It was so exciting to see how much fun the kids were having, and it was the perfect day for a picnic!

For lunch, we gathered at the picnic tables for some pizza and salad. The interns had time to chat with students about school and meet any PBP staff we hadn’t already. Then, there was a small celebration to say good luck to each sixth-grader leaving the program. PBP mentors spoke about the many memories they’ve shared with their mentees over the past few years and encouraged them to keep growing.

The students had a lot of fun, as did all of the PBP employees and interns! The picnic was a perfect start to my internship, because I not only had the chance to see one aspect of the organization’s philanthropy, but also I was able to meet and bond with some of the staff.

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Going to the Game in Style: VIP with PBP

Last week, the interns got to go to an Eagles pre-season game in style. We were all invited to go watch the game in the PBP company box! I was really excited because I had never been to an Eagles game or in a box at any sporting event. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but all the people who I worked with in Audio Conferences said it was really cool and that we had great seats. A few days before the game, Nicole brought all of us an Eagles pack. We got a cute clear tote bag, instructions, and mostly importantly our tickets:

Eagles interns 4

We were so excited to go. On Thursday (game day), we could hardly wait. I felt like time was passing so slowly, and I just wanted to be there already! At 4:30, we clocked out and met up at the cars to drive to the train station. Our hour commute ended right at the Linc! With our ticket lanyards around our necks, we searched for the VIP entrance and zipped right through security. The entrance opened up into a huge, open lobby with a concierge. We were directed the the elevators and taken up to our floor. As we walked down the hall to our box, we could hardly contain our excitement. When we got to suite 153, we burst through the door, and were amazed by the incredible view that greeted us:

eagles interns 2

Not only was the view amazing by the room was stocked! We had so much food and drink. Everything from hoagies to hot dogs to chicken fingers to fruit to chips. We grabbed plates and dug in. We talked and ate while we watched the players warm up, then it was game time. After the National Anthem, it was time for the Eagles grand entrance:

eagles interns 3

During the game more food came in and out and we talked among ourselves and with the other PBP employees who attended with us. It was great to meet some of the other employees and see them outside of the work setting.

eagles intern 5

In the end the Eagles ended up winning 14-9 against the Carolina Panthers. It was a great night and we all really enjoyed it! The only downside is that now I don’t think I’ll be able to go to a game in normal seats ever again!

eagles interns 1