Softball and Such: Life Outside of Work

Although it is possible to believe PBP employees work day and night to create our high quality products and services, we’re not at the grindstone all of the time.  PBPers find many different ways to relax, blow off some steam, and to lighten their moods.  After only a few weeks with the company, I can see that employees here have an excellent work-life balance and know when and how to cut loose.  An excellent example of this is the company softball team.  Progressive Biz plays in the Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League (GVCCSL) in the East Division, which is the most competitive one.  The season consists of 14 regular season games (about one a week) and then playoffs.  After playing only a few games, it is evident that the team has great chemistry and cohesiveness.


You will see many people walking and jogging in and outside of the office.  The joggers usually head out after work and take laps around the corporate center and sometimes venture as far as the trails by Vanguard.   During the day (at lunch or if employees are feeling groggy), people will walk laps around the outside of our building or inside the numerous hallways in our facility.  Sage holds the company record for the fastest lap recorded around the perimeter of the building.  Rumor has it that he completed his lap while making a balloon animal.

During lunchtime, employees have a variety of options to choose from in terms of what they do.  Like I mentioned previously, some people choose to walk around the office.  Others looking for some exercise head over to our gym.  There are several pieces of equipment, including a rowing machine, a home gym machine, a stair master, an elliptical machine, and some bikes.

photo (2)

Honestly, the best way to enjoy yourself around the office is to spark up a conversation with one of the employees.  All come from different backgrounds have entertaining stories to share.  Taking a few minutes out of your day to get to know one of your coworkers not only brightens your mood, but also is the first step in creating a meaningful friendship.

That’s all for now, but I’ll post again soon! In the meantime, be sure to follow @PBPInterns for chances to win a gift card!