A Feeling of Accomplishment

12As I sat down to write this blog, it occurred to me that I only have one week left at PBP. I had been planning my trip home and the start of the school year, but it hadn’t yet hit me that my internship is nearly over. While the summer flew by and it feels like yesterday that I started the program, I also feel as if I’ve been at PBP for years. As I reflect back on my internship, I am so grateful that I had the chance to work with such intelligent and hard working individuals who really went out of their way to make me feel completely integrated. In my internship search, I never expected to be granted with so much creative freedom and given such high impact responsibilities.

Of all the projects I have had to opportunity to work on while at PBP, from writing up landing pages for safety modules to presenting monthly reports, my favorite was an article I got to create for HR morning. For this project I worked side by side with Elizabeth DeMarco, researching and compiling the innovative and creative recruiting strategies. For me it was interesting to see just how much work goes in to publishing an interest piece, from conducting all the research, to actually completing the writing, coming up with an effective headline, gathering images, and contacting bloggers/featured companies. The finished project is a 14 page article that we are very proud of and excited to publish this upcoming Monday.

I feel accomplished as I finish up my last week here at PBP as I know the work I did will continue to be useful far past my end date. To anyone who is searching for an internship now, I advise you to pick a company where you know you’ll be making real time results. Any intern can spend the summer fetching coffee, but few can pin point the differences they made and the real skills they learned. PBP puts a lot of its efforts into making sure its interns are integrated, always learning, and making a difference. If I could start my internship search over I wouldn’t do a thing different. I’ll miss you PBP!