Managers Are Heroes

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One of the newer business units at PBP that has thrived since it’s 2012 launch is the Managers Are Heroes web training. Headed by Mike Brown and Jess Midwood, the Managers Are Heroes platform gives a strong purpose to managers of all kinds. This innovative brand includes a unique superhero theme that attracts customers aiming to improve their manager superpowers. The mission is straightforward: Learn how to be a more effective manager!

The program offers three types of training. 1. Core Hero Events, 2. Elective Courses, and 3. the Certificate Program. The Core Hero events combine 4 different manager training courses and one elective course which allows for optimal management hero training. The Elective Courses offer ways for managers to reach their potential and to find topics they are more interested in. These 60 minute webinars give great strategies to help develop managers and even include printable notes for additional learning! The final aspect of Managers Are Heroes is the Certificate Program also called “earning your C.A.P.E”. C.A.P.E.’s are earned through high-quality web training led by expert mission advisors who guide managers to become heroes!

One of my projects as a Progressive Business Publications intern was managing the Managers Are Heroes Twitter and creating a Managers Are Heroes Facebook page! Please go follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Over the summer the Managers Are Heroes Twitter made great progress. It gained 1,500 followers and at one point reached an engagement rate of 3% through continuous content that drove customers to our Managers Are Heroes website.

Managers Are Heroes is one of the shining stars of the Executive Education division here at PBP. I am sad to have to let go of my Managers Are Heroes duties but I will always have my cape to remind me of my great internship here at PBP!

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Settling in at PBP

pbp interns

This week concludes our sixth week of our internship at Progressive Business Publications, officially half way through!  Although it has been 6 weeks, it feels like it was yesterday that we had our first day. Boy does time fly when you are having fun! The first few days came with a combination of nervousness and feelings of excitement but now all the anxiety has worn off. Between finally finding our way around the building without a map and learning to prioritize our daily tasks, we have all adapted quickly and are now very comfortable at PBP.

Unlike others, for us the purpose of adapting as interns is not just to survive but to learn, grow, and contribute. Here are a few quotes from us interns on some things we have learned, accomplished or enjoyed from our first 6 weeks here at PBP!

Christina- “I’ve learned a lot of different skills in the publication product marketing department, from writing headlines to understanding HTML for email marketing . I have also really enjoyed the intern “Traditions” class where I have learned more about myself, specifically my strengths, as well as hearing from other PBP employees and their advice to us interns.”

Kevin– “I have met so many great people who immediately made me feel part of the PBP family. Through my 6 weeks in the AC division I have learned so much about direct marketing that I don’t think I could have learned in a classroom setting. Jess allowed me to take over the Managers Are Heroes twitter and I have really enjoyed driving new customers to view our amazing content.”

Caroline– “I have enjoyed forming friendships with everyone in AC and creating content for the women’s leadership group.”

Jake– “I’ve been assigned to interview managers from the different Business Units to understand how reports are being used throughout the company. It’s been very interesting to meet people from all parts of the company and try to piece together the way PBP operates.”

Paige– “This internship has been a great opportunity to absorb information from attending meetings and executing projects. I am enjoying this internship. The structure of the program is great. Traditions has been interesting to learn about the company and learn more from employees here at PBP.”

Eugena– “At the PBP Media Division, I’ve been learning about SEO and putting the theory into practice. This is a crucial aspect of digital marketing and is fascinating to be educated in. It’s given me a new perspective on how much goes on in the background of Google, a function that all of us mindlessly utilize every day.”

Anthony– “I have enjoyed learning all of the different writing styles for my publications. I have worked on and successfully written articles that were published online for Administrative Professional Update and Facility Managers Alert. I enjoy how friendly and helpful everyone is and how there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions.”

Amanda– “I’ve loved the editors I’ve had the chance to work with, and I’ve learned a ton about the different topics I’m writing about. I’ve refined my writing style and even got the chance to write stories that are now published!”

Thank you so much to everyone for making all of us feel so welcome and at home. If you have not met us yet we would love to meet you so if you see us around, give us a wave!