A Learning Experience

8Since interning at Progressive Business Publications, I have worked in three different publications. I am currently working on School Safety & Security alert. This pub centers on what problems schools are having and common topics that come up in education.

This pub aligns with Education Tech News, which is an online newsletter that focuses on how technology is being integrated into schools all around the country.

I have done a lot of writing for these newsletters and have also made A LOT of calls to customers. I would have to say that the hardest thing was getting RPRS (Real problems, real solutions) from our subscribers. Customers give us interesting anecdotes on challenged they have overcome. So, one RPRS I got talked about bullying and how that particular school dealt with bullying whenever it came up. Since it is summer there aren’t too many people at the schools or district offices, so it has been hard getting people on the phone.

One of the guys I talked to on the phone was from Georgia and he LOVED the newsletter. He was really nice and told me about how they changed their school visitor sign-in process. Changing the sign-in policy is something that a lot of schools have been doing after the Sandy Hook shooting. I think it’s interesting to see what schools have changed and how they have all taken different approaches to their schools’ safety. After talking to him he said, “You can do whatever you want with this information, we love the newsletter.” So he was definitely my favorite person to talk to.

However, I am learning a lot about where the world of education is going, especially in relation to technology. Working on the IT newsletter first allowed me to become familiar with a lot of the tech jargon and new devices. So, seeing how these devices are being used in schools is something I really enjoy.

One of the most interesting things I have learned is how school districts are making their own apps. Districts can create an app that includes many different abilities. Depending on what the school wants the app for, they can decide how to use it. For example, some apps allow parents to track their kids’ attendance records and lunch accounts and more basic apps will just send out alerts if there is an emergency or school closing. One school even allowed parents to set an alert on their phones if their kids’ grades go below a certain average!

So, I have to say that I have learned a lot throughout my summer at Progressive Business Publications and at this point I only have 2 and a half weeks left. Time flies!

Meet Kate

1Hi! My name is Kate Durkan and I am from Malvern, Pennsylvania. Next year, I will be a senior at Lafayette College, majoring in English with a writing concentration. At school, I am a member of the swim team and Greek life, and next year I will be an Orientation Leader!

At Progressive Business Publications, I am interning in the Editorial department. Every three weeks I get to switch which publication I work on. I started out working on Information Technology Adviser. This pub is structured around the IT department, so I got to write a lot about technologies in the workplace, internet access for employees, and the newest developments in technology. I learned a lot from working on this publication, especially how the workplace is changing as technology advances.

Currently, I am working on Safety Compliance Alert. This publication focuses on workplace safety: how to stay safe, what happens when workers get injured on the job, and how to prevent any safety violations from happening within a company.

My favorite part about Progressive Business Publications so far is the people that I have worked with in the Editorial department. I was a little nervous coming in and not knowing a lot about all of these topics. But, the editors are encouraging and have helped me learn a lot about both the topics and my writing!