Working Struggles: The Price of Coffee

I admit it, I’m a coffee fanatic.

I was introduced to coffee at an early age by my equally coffee-crazy dad, and managed to stay away from dependency until college when it unfortunately became a daily habit to purchase a tall caramel macchiato from the oh-so-conveniently placed Starbucks on my university campus.

A few weeks ago during my internship here at PBP, I was too late to pick up my morning coffee due to traffic, and was foiled at every turn throughout the morning in my attempts to get my caffeine fix (the relating of which would be too long for this blog post). Needless to say, this resulted in a pretty grumpy intern. This incident, coupled with an article I read recently about ways for millennials to easily save money, got me to thinking about how much I (probably unhealthily) depend on coffee, and how much I spend on coffee.

What else could I do with the money? I turned this thought exercise into an infographic, which I hope you find interesting and informative.

The Price of Coffee

This thought exercise definitely made me rethink my coffee purchasing choices; but obviously I can’t just give up coffee. Thus, a few alternatives I thought of would be to buy coffee from Wawa ($1.29 for a 12 oz. = $470.85), which would save $861.40 per year, or invest in a Keurig machine ($119 for the machine + $227.97 for a year’s supply = $346.97), which would save $985.28 per year.

But, if I find that I really just can’t give up my Starbucks, I guess I can comfort myself with the fact that I’m not spending $50 a cup on the world’s most expensive coffee (Kopi Luwak, harvested from coffee beans that have passed through wild civets’ digestive systems… aka cat poop).

What about you? How much money do you spend on coffee in a year, and what else could you do with that money?

Twitter Contest Summer 2015

PBP Interns 2015 are bringing back last year’s Twitter contest!

Phoebe the bear is back, and we’ve added a new weekly twist. The prize is a $25 Wegmans gift card at the end of the summer! Check out the following guidelines below in order to find out how you can maximize your points:

Twitter Hashtag Schedule (Follow us @PBPInterns):

Weekly Contest: #whatsinthekitchen
What: Keep an eye out on the kitchens for what the contest of the week will be!
You: Can be the first to tweet us the answer to win the weekly contest! 3 points

Monday: #mancrushmonday #WOmancrushmonday
What: PBP Interns will feature a PBP employee each week; who will be the next crush?
You: Can tweet us nominations throughout the week for who you think the next featured employee should be! 1 point

Tuesday: #tiptuesday
What: A useful lifehack for the week, or tips to make all of our lives easier
You: Can tweet us a picture of yourself putting our tip into practice! Let’s see how useful these lifehacks are. 1 point

Wednesday: #whereisitwednesday
What: We heard this was everyone’s favorite last year, and Phoebe the bear is back! What new places will she pop up in this year?
You: Can be the first person on Wednesdays to find Phoebe the bear and tweet us a picture of you with her! 2 points

Thursday: #throughthebuildingthursday
What: Do you really know the building as well as you think you do? Figure out the location of the mysterious picture that will contain a clue.
You: Can be the first person to figure out the place the picture was taken in and tweet us the answer! 2 points

Friday: #fashionfriday
What: How do PBP employees take advantage of dressing down on Friday? Keep an eye out for pictures of the employees that impressed us the most with their runway-worthy outfits throughout the day.
You: Can tweet us pictures of employees’ outfits that grabbed your attention, and we’ll re-tweet them! 1 point (and if your outfit gets tweeted, 3 points!)

We encourage everyone to participate in these hashtags! If you don’t have a Twitter, hurry and make an account so that you can be in the running for a $25 Wegmans gift card. If you miss out on the hashtags one week, no worries! You can catch up on your points by interacting with our tweets (replying, re-tweeting, and favoriting each worth .5 point).