How to be productive during a slow day

We have all been there: the day is dragging on and all of your assignments are complete. Now,  if only the last couple hours could go faster…


What not to do.

When faced with this dilemma, it’s sometimes tempting to get off track. Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, Instagram, and others are where people will go to kill the time at the desk. But is that going to impress your boss? Is that an efficient way to spend your time? Being productive when you have some downtime  is a great quality to possess, and it could leave a lasting impression on those around you.

So how can you be productive when the day is slow and you’ve finished all your tasks? Here are 3 easy tips:

  1. Organize: Organizing your workspace and assignments is crucial to having efficient days. It is important to know where everything is and be able to get to it easily.
  1. Help others: You may be all caught up, but your fellow employees may not be. Ask  if there’s anything you can do for them! It’s a big help for co-workers and they’ll return the favor next time you are caught in a time crunch!
  1. Get ahead: There is going to come a time when you have so much work and not enough time. So why not get ahead while you can to ease the stress?! Start outlining the next few days and map out your action plan to ease the tension and make the rest of the week manageable.

Using these 3 simple strategies can help you be more productive, even during the slowest of days. The time will go faster and you are sure to be prepared for the road ahead!