Going to the Game in Style: VIP with PBP

Last week, the interns got to go to an Eagles pre-season game in style. We were all invited to go watch the game in the PBP company box! I was really excited because I had never been to an Eagles game or in a box at any sporting event. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but all the people who I worked with in Audio Conferences said it was really cool and that we had great seats. A few days before the game, Nicole brought all of us an Eagles pack. We got a cute clear tote bag, instructions, and mostly importantly our tickets:

Eagles interns 4

We were so excited to go. On Thursday (game day), we could hardly wait. I felt like time was passing so slowly, and I just wanted to be there already! At 4:30, we clocked out and met up at the cars to drive to the train station. Our hour commute ended right at the Linc! With our ticket lanyards around our necks, we searched for the VIP entrance and zipped right through security. The entrance opened up into a huge, open lobby with a concierge. We were directed the the elevators and taken up to our floor. As we walked down the hall to our box, we could hardly contain our excitement. When we got to suite 153, we burst through the door, and were amazed by the incredible view that greeted us:

eagles interns 2

Not only was the view amazing by the room was stocked! We had so much food and drink. Everything from hoagies to hot dogs to chicken fingers to fruit to chips. We grabbed plates and dug in. We talked and ate while we watched the players warm up, then it was game time. After the National Anthem, it was time for the Eagles grand entrance:

eagles interns 3

During the game more food came in and out and we talked among ourselves and with the other PBP employees who attended with us. It was great to meet some of the other employees and see them outside of the work setting.

eagles intern 5

In the end the Eagles ended up winning 14-9 against the Carolina Panthers. It was a great night and we all really enjoyed it! The only downside is that now I don’t think I’ll be able to go to a game in normal seats ever again!

eagles interns 1

Signs You’re a PBP Intern

You were really excited the first day when you got your very own cubicle:


You still don’t know which side of the building is the west wing and which side is the east wing:


You’ve gotten your food stolen out of the communal fridge:


The occupied sign is always on the bathroom door whenever you go to the bathroom and you have to wait:


You are the first one in the kitchen when you get an email about free leftover pizza or pretzels:


You’ve forgotten to clock out at the end of the day:


You’ve spent more than 10 minutes waiting for Online to load:


You refer to the kitchens as “the kitchen by the time clock” and “the other kitchen” instead of the west wing kitchen and the east wing kitchen:


You get really excited when you get a phone call:


You’ve almost body slammed into someone each time you round a corner:


You eat lunch with all the other interns each day:


You’ve gotten lost trying to get back to your desk:


You eat outside whenever possible:


When I get the email with my pay stub:


How every photo I have to take for the PBP blog ends up:


Other employees had no idea who you are or why you’re here until the blog post with all of our pictures came out:


You aren’t sure about the dress code:


You learned everything you ever needed to know about Excel and PivotTables:


When you get home at the end of the day:


When you open gmail and don’t have any new emails:


You look forward to Traditions!!!!!!


At the end of your internship:


When you think about what a great internship experience you had at PBP:


Through all the challenges and achievements, I really love my experience here at PBP. Even though, I still don’t know which side of the building is which, I learned a lot of other very useful skills that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life.

Ashleigh’s Experience

6Hey! My name is Ashleigh Rockwell, and I’m from Media, Pennsylvania (about 20 minutes away from Malvern). I’m going to be a senior at Dickinson College next year and I’m triple majoring in International Business & Management, French, and Political Science and minoring in Economics. At Dickinson, I’m involved in lots of activities including Student Senate, Multi-Organizational Board, Ski Club, Admissions, and APO (a community service group). Last year, I spent the year studying abroad in Toulouse, France, and I think that has been one of my favorite parts of my undergrad experience.

I first heard about Progressive Business Publications in an email from my college while I was abroad. I had been searching for an internship since the fall, but it was hard to find one while I was abroad. When I saw PBP’s opportunity, I was very excited. All the interns from last year’s intern class seemed to love it, plus it seemed like I’d be doing a real job rather than just working on busy work. I applied and after an extensive interview process, I was offered the job. I was so excited that it made leaving France a little less sad.

At Progressive Business Publications, I’m interning in the Audio Conference department. I was assigned the sales area, so I work on planning, organizing, and executing the monthly webinars for the sales area. I’ve gotten to work with the speakers, research the competition, do the marketing for my events, and track their progress. I’m also writing blog posts and running the social media accounts for Desktop Training Academy (DTA- which includes webinars about Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Gmail, etc).

I’ve really loved my experience so far and was definitely surprised by how much freedom I’ve been given. I’m actually doing a job and learning a lot rather than just doing busy work. My favorite part of working here so far has been the people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. When you walk through the hallways everyone says hi and asks how you are. The other interns are really cool too, and we all eat lunch together every day, which has been fun.