Core Values

An organization without core values will have fleeting success and not be around long.

50 years ago our founder, Ed Satell, created our core values before even opening PBP’s door for the first time. Without these values, Ed’s belief in them, and our employees’ support of them we would not have enjoyed success, or built our stability and longevity in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

PBP’s Core Values and Beliefs

Product quality

Our unrelenting pursuit for product excellence is dictated by our customers. Our goals are achieved when we exceed customer satisfaction expectations and build customer enthusiasm.


Our direction is provided by our intense focus on what we want to accomplish and built on what we learn and know from our customers.


Our success is dependent on dedicated employees who work for continuous improvement with a sense of urgency, a willingness to learn, being open to change and able to take risks consistent with our core beliefs and core competencies.

High-performance environment

Our culture is built with a foundation of empowerment, quantitative measurements and accountability. We purposely avoid company politics and bureaucracy; instead we have a meritocracy where knowledge and fairness dominate.

Employee relations

We treat every employee fairly and with dignity. Opportunities for growth are based on performance. We recognize, reward and celebrate performance, longevity, and measurable contributions to growth.


Our competitive edge and unmatched efficiency are a result of our investment in information technology.

Teamwork and commitment

We highly value individual accountability, teamwork and commitment, in recognition of our ultimate interdependence. We maintain a collegial environment while also encouraging healthy conflict over ideas.

Decision making

Our decision-making process is short as a result of our flat, open structure that empowers employees.


We will not grow just because we can. Every step taken to grow must be consistent with our capacity and core beliefs. We believe healthy companies primarily grow internally, but are open to acquisitions. As we grow, our people grow.


Work hard, play hard. A healthy work/life balance is encouraged and we are proud of our family-friendly culture. PBP employees highly value our camaraderie, teamwork, support and friendship – from the top down.